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Much like H2S, the measurement of ammonia is driven by two primary concerns - the lethal effect it can have on personnel and the reactive alkaline nature of the gas phase. Ammonia can be detected by its smell but the nose cannot determine the level of concentration which, if too high, can often lead to death. Also, at high levels of concentration, above 15% or 150,000 ppm, the ammonia atmosphere is potentially explosive. The Analytical Solutions team is ready to help with all toxic gas systems ensuring safety and compliance.


Invictus Lasers

Kaiser's Invictus™ series of lasers have been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the Raman industry. Whether these demands are for low background emissions in the NIR to meet the specifications of researchers for high spatial resolutions and high fidelity Raman images, or the needs of the industrial process environment where reliability and low cost of ownership are key, the Invictus™ series meets these requirements. With a standard laser warranty of 1 year, unlimited hours, Kaiser's Invictus™ lasers set the standard for NIR Raman lasers.


In Situ Probe

The Kaiser Optical In Situe probe offers multiple continuous real-time measurements of the bioprocess. Check out Kaiser's website to learn more about Raman Spectroscopy and all they have to offer.