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BTU Analysis

BTU Analysis


Vector Controls offers BTU analysis, or heating value analysis, based on the measurement of the amount of air required for the complete combustion of sample gas. This method is referred to in ASTM D4891-13 and ISO 15971. Depending on the task, our manufacturer - Hobré Instruments - can offer a continuous (fast-responding) unit or an injection version, which is capable of handling the most challenging applications. Read below for more details.


WIM Compas

The WIM COMPAS™ adds to Hobré's portfolio of process analyzers for measuring the Wobbe Index, heating value (BTU) and the Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI). Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, the WIM COMPAS™ builds on Hobré's 20+ years of success and experience with residual oxygen type analyzers. The WIM Compas™ is used to control the thermal input and air:fuel ratio in such a way that disturbances caused by fuel gas quality fluctuations are minimized, the combustion process occurs with maximum efficiency and emissions are reduced to a minimum. Website