Moisture Ceramic Sensor

Ceramic Sensor

Ceramic Sensor


Ceramic moisture sensors are made from state-of-the-art metalized ceramic and replace traditional materials such as aluminum, silicon and hygroscopic salts in moisture measurement technology. The sensor is made from a ceramic tile that is plated and vapor deposited to form a surface that is very sensitive to small changes in water vapor pressure. Proprietary coating processes make ceramic sensors inherently faster to respond than other impedance type sensors currently available. They also feature greater resistance to corrosive gases and other contaminants. Ceramic moisture sensors will operate at pressures from near vacuum to 5000 PSIG and temperatures from -40℉ to +140℉ and are equipped with a built-in thermistor for automatic temperature compensation.


Kahn Instruments manufactures a full line of precision hygrometers using the most advanced, proven technologies:
  • Ceramic sensors yield the fastest response time and greatest corrosion resistance
  • In addition, Kahn provides the flexibility of local, remotely installed, or portable hygrometers rugged enough for any industrial environment. Kahn also offers the latest in dewpoint transmitters with both analog and digital outputs to a computer or PLC. Kahn also features intrinsically safe designs for hazardous locations. And all Kahn hygrometers offer traceability to national and international standards. Website