Moisture Chilled Mirror Optical Sensor

Chilled Mirror Optical Sensors


These instruments feature a sensor which thermo-electrically chills a mirror surface until dew or frost begins to form, providing the most fundamental measurement of dew or frostpoint. Formation of dew or frost is precisely monitored by an electro-optical system; measurements are traceable to national and international standards. To account for the buildup of contaminants on the mirror surface, the instruments incorporate Dynamic Contamination Correction (DCC). Periodically, the instrument automatically heats the mirror to vaporize the accumulated dew or frost, recalibrates itself for altered reflectivity due to contaminants, and then returns to normal measuring. Instruments capable of measuring dewpoints from -148℉ to +266℉ with accuracies to +/-0.18℉ are offered.


Kahn manufactures a full line of precision hygrometers using the most advanced, proven technologies:
  • Extremely accurate chilled mirror optical systems provide a fundamental method of dewpoint measurement
  • In addition, Kahn provides the flexibility of local, remotely installed, or portable hygrometers rugged enough for any industrial environment. Kahn also offers the latest in dewpoint transmitters with both analog and digital outputs to a computer or PLC. Kahn also features intrinsically safe designs for hazardous locations. And all Kahn hygrometers offer traceability to national and international standards. . Website