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Chlorine Purity


To analyze the chemical composition of the sample, the OMA uses an analysis method known as absorbance spectroscopy. Depending on the target chemicals for analysis, the OMA uses either UV-Vis (200-800nm), SW-NIR (400-1100nm), or InGaAs (1550-1850nm) sensors in its spectrophotometer. The system measures absorbance across its wavelength range and quantifies the amount of light absorbed by the sample at each integer wavlength; the OMA plots this raw data to visualize a high-resolution absorbance spectrum.

An absorbance curve is like a distinctive fingerprint for a chemical, determined by its unique electronic and molecular structure. The OMA uses powerful software to isolate the absorbance curve of the measured chemical from the total sample absorbance. Below, see how the OMA views each of these chemicals.


The OMA is an industrial device which measures a high-resolution absorbance spectrum in a continuously drawn sample from a liquid or gas process stream. Harvesting this rich data, the OMA provides real-time analytics for the process stream, including chemical concentrations, purity, and color. Website