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The low mass measuring cell traps a small amount of the sample. This is then cooled at a controlled rate by the Peltier-based thermoelectric cooler using a pulse width modulated control signal. The cooling continues until sufficient light-scatter is detected from precipitating wax crystals to trigger cloud point detection. The old sample is then flushed away and the cycle is repeated. If the sample enters the unit at too low a temperature, the Peltier control is reversed to warm the sample before carrying on with the analysis.


Cloud Point

ICON's Cloud Point analyzer pinpoints the lowest temperature a fuel may be used without wax formation

With class-leading repeatability, the cloud point's enhanced performance uses sophisticated proprietary technologies more reliable than those used in traditional cloud point analyzers. Typically used to measure diesel fuel, ICON's cloud point analysis measurement is achieved through a unique low mass-measuring cell, non-contact light source and proprietary vacuum insulation system detector for outstanding thermal performance - without the need for an external cooler.