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Color Opacity

Color Opacity


A light source is transmitted through a sample and fed back to a patent dispersive spectrometer module for measurement

Using a 12V 10W tungsten lamp, run under reduced voltage to increase lifespan, light passes out of the enclosure through an optical window and moves along a fiber-optic cable. The light enters the cell, passes through the test sample and out via a window and fiber-optic cable. It travels back into the enclosure where the optical transmission or absorbance measurements are carried out; these are fed into the control computer to calculate the final results. The unique measurement versatility of the Color Opacity is maximized through flexible configuration options easily programmed to specific applications.


Color Opacity

ICON's Color Opacity analyzer allows for dual-measurement analysis of purity, clarity, contamination or concentration of a liquid.

Color Opacity avoids the sensitivity losses and low transmission characteristics that compromise existing technologies using either optical filters, or moving parts such as filter wheels and chopper motor assemblies.

ICON Scientific's advanced dispersive spectrometer module brings greater precision to the measurement of color, opacity or concentration.