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Combustion Monitoring


By monitoring and regulating some of the gases in an exhaust, it is easy to improve combustion efficiency and minimize the production of unwanted matter such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Combustion analysis is an extremely important step to properly operate and control any combustion process in order to attain the highest combustion efficiency with the lowest emissions of pollutants.


LaserGas III SP

LaserGas III Single Path analyzer for oxygen is designed for service in hazardous areas. Based on our third generation LaserGas™ electronics, the entire instrument is built into compact flameproof enclosures, making it operative in zone 1 and class l division 1 areas.

The LaserGas III SP is our most reliable gas sensor with all electronics designed according to IEC 61508 and SIL 2 (safety integrity level). Based on the fully digital Gen. 3 compact LaserGas electronics.

The LaserGas III SP O2 consists of a transmitter and receiver unit (mounted diametrically opposite each other) to measure the average gas concentration along the optical line-of-sight. Path lengths are typically from 0.5 to 20 meters.


WDG V Combustion Analyzer

The reliable identification of low combustion oxygen in a fired heater or boiler has always been critical to the effectiveness of the Burner Management System for proper control and safety.

Low emission burners and aggressive firing control points to achieve increased efficiency and emission reductions have driven the industry to tighter control measures. But tighter control measures also hold a greater potential for combustion events. Reducing the risk of a combustion event has become a priority and has led to the implementation of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). This additional layer of safety is added to the Basic Process Control System.

The WDG-V has been designed to provide an additional layer of safety with the measurement of excess O2, Combustibles and Methane and by using these measurements to ensure the safe operation of the Burner Management System.


  • Precise control of low O2 set points with confidence
  • CO detection for control interlocks and safety shutdown
  • Predictive diagnostics
  • SIL 2 Capable for SIS implementation of IEC 16508/61511

The THERMOX WDG-V AMEVision Display Unit Interface enables the convenience of site calibration and communication with the analyzer on a user-friendly screen.