Level Displacer Level Sensors

Displacer Level Sensors

Displacer Level Sensors


Displacer level instruments, most commonly employed in oil and petrochemical fields as level transmitters and local level controllers, are used to detect liquid level by continuously measuring the weight of a rod immersed in the process liquid. These intelligent buoyancy transmitters continuously measures and transmits level, interface or density of liquid by sensing changes in buoyancy force exerted on a fixed displacer element. Major advantages associated with use of displacers include - extremely well performance with clean fluids, accuracy, flexibility to extensive changes in density of the medium, and ability to operate under high-pressure conditions due to greater wall thickness.


Endress + Hauser's magnetic level switch, a displacement type instrument, provides alarm contact output of max. 4 points while activating micro switches with magnet. This product's benefits include, but are not limited to - multi-point control, resistance to high temperature and pressure, simple construction featuring stable operation, and an explosion-proof feature. Website