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Offering a standard measuring range of between 30-400℃, the Distillation analyzer works by carrying out the small-scale distillation of 20 milliliters of sample under temperature controlled conditions.

With a rapid cycle time of between 10-15 minutes per cycle, completed distillation is achieved in between fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the sample properties.

Utilizing ICON's existing and proven laser level technology for distillation recovery monitoring, and a system designed so as not to require an expensive sample recovery system, ICON's innovative approach addresses the problems with other systems.



Icon's Distillation analyzer measures boiling points or boiling ranges of petroleum products in the light to middle distillate ranges.

With an extensive range of measurement temperatures and sample inlet and outlet conditions, Distillation minimizes the need for additional sample handling components for a streamlined system design that produces a more reliable, repeatable measurement. Extended functionality includes the ability to program automatic decoke cycles.

Distillation analysis that meets the repeatability and reproducibility criteria of test method ASTM D86, and be directly correlated to the test method criteria of ASTM D86, IP123 and ISO3405.