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Flash Point

Flash Point


The analyzer heats a sample and applies a test spark to the liquid, indicating the safe storage temperatures for your products.

The sample is pumped into a test cup and trapped within it. At a controlled rate, air is also introduced to the test cup, which is then heated. At selected intervals, electrodes positioned over the sample generate a high-voltage spark. When it is reached, the flash point is detected by a highly sensitive low - mass thermocouple. The sample flow is then re-established and the airflow increased, allowing the test cup to cool in preparation for the next cycle.


Flash Point

ICON's Flash Point analyzer measures the lowest temperature at which selected fuels form a flammable vapor mixture with air.

Designed to make flash point analysis safe, simple and flexible, ICON ensures your product meets precise specifications. Aided by advanced flow control, flow metering and sample cooling options, Flash Point completely isolates the flash point process within.

An innovative air cleaning system removed deposits and contaminants, while internal cameras enable observation of the sparking process - meaning you can operate and maintain the analyzer without needing to open ICON's ATEX and IECEx-compliant explosion-proof housing.