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Valves & Valve Automation

Vector Controls and Automation has built a world-class valve division that now encompasses a full offering for control, isolation, regulator and specialty valves, both linear and rotary design. Global brands such as Rotork and SVF Flow Control to name a few, enable us to serve your needs in major markets such as Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Power, Pulp & Paper, Water/Waste Water, Pharma and others. With attention to application details, we can provide valve, actuator, positioner and accessory options in a multitude of configurations to solve your process challenges; everything from general applications, to severe service and Safety Shut Down Systems. Vector has local and global inventories at your disposal, with local assembly and manufacturing capabilities for many products.

Vector Controls Valve & Valve Automation Capabilities:

  • Ability to assemble valve systems from ½" to 48"
  • Full-time automation specialists who can support projects with the help of Vector technicians and engineers.
  • All valve assemblies are calibrated, functionally-tested, serialized, tagged and verified by highly trained inspectors according to ISO quality standards before leaving the factory. Full material traceability and testing is available.
  • Field start-up, commissioning, warranty and quick turnaround capabilities

Valve Product Types:

  • Valves:
    • Globe Control Valves
    • Pressure Relief Valves-Steam Traps-Stream Systems
    • Leak-free Butterfly Valves for the Water Industry
    • Severe Service Ball Valves
    • Ball Valves: V-Notch-Segmented-General Purpose
    • Pneumatic & Electric Actuation Valve Acessories
    • Sliding Gate Control Valves
    • Ball Sector Valves-Asceptic Valves
    • Diaphragm Valves & Manifolds
    • Ball Valves-High Purity-Cryogenic-General Purpose
  • Actuators:
    • Linear & Rotary Pneumatic: Spring and diaphragm, Rack & Pinion, Scotch Yoke
    • Linear & Rotary Electric: Single phase or 3 phase AC, DC
  • Accessories:
    • Smart Diagnostic Positioner: Hart, Fieldbus, Profibus
    • Standard Positioner
    • Position Transmitter
    • Limit Switch
    • Solenoid Valve
    • Speed Control
    • Gear Override (Manual)
    • Filter Regulator
    • Visual Indicator
The extensive list of valve and valve automation products will enable Vector to provide top tier valve products for your facility, and gives you, the right equipment for improving reliability and efficiency in your processes.
Vector Controls offers smart valve positioners and numerous valve solutions that identify preventative maintenance, and enable predictive maintenance for a multitude of designs and applications that ensure years of reliable service.
If you are considering the need for an embedded valve specialist, consider Vector Controls as your trusted resource. We can provide product and engineering support for all industries.
Whether you need a service technician onsite, or prefer to have your valve repaired in a shop offsite, there is a solution for your needs. Vector Controls' technicians care about providing the best service while helping you minimizing down time and cost.