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Freeze Point

Freeze Point


ICON's patent low-mass measuring cell traps a small amount of the sample, which is cooled at a controlled rate by the cryo-cooler using a phase angle control signal. The cooling process continues until the optical detector picks up sufficient light-scatter from precipitating wax crystals, indicating that a cloud is forming.

At this point, the cell is allowed to warm up and the temperature at which the cloud disappears is taken as the freeze point. The sample cell is then flushed with a new sample and the cycle is repeated; the measurement is then processed via software and reported to the user.


Freeze Point

ICON's Freeze Point analyzer determines the lowest ambient temperature for using jet fuel and delivers optimum fuel quality to the aerospace industry.

ICON Scientific's patent mass measuring cell, vacuum-insulated cell housing and advanced detection algorithm transforms freeze point analysis performance - and avoids costly downtime caused by condensation, ice formation and stray light effects experienced by older technologies.