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Hydrocarbon Gas Streams


The measurement of hydrogen sulfide is driven by two primary concerns - the lethal effect it can have on personnel and the embrittlement it can cause in transmission lines. At low levels, H2S can be detected by its rotten egg odor but, at higher levels, the senses can become desensitized and can often lead to death. The second concern, weakening of transmission lines, can cause a pipe to rupture sending large clouds of gasses into the atmosphere (contributing to the deprivation of oxygen) as well as potentially causing a massive explosion. The Analytical Solutions team is ready to help with all toxic gas systems ensuring safety and compliance.


Tunable Diode Laser analyzers

In H2S applications, the sample is scrubbed using a proprietary Copper nanoparticle absorbent that removes only H2S, and the background spectrum is acquired. Then the spectrum of the raw, un-scrubbed sample is acquired and the background spectrum is subtracted, leaving only the laser light absorbance due to H2S. The same background spectrum can be used until the background gas changes which is detected automatically by the smart controller logic looking at the background spectrum. Since the scrubber is only used intermittently, its lifetime is typically a minimum of 18 months. Software calculates the loading of H2S on the scrubber and gives a warning when it is time to replace the scrubber, and an indicating scrubber downstream warns if the scrubber fails prematurely. The scrubber is easily replaced in a few minutes; the spent scrubber contains no hazardous materials.

Ultra-fast and highly accurate, SpectraSensor's Tunable Diode Laser analyzer technology is being adopted by petrochemical plants, refineries and gas processors, for reducing maintenance while providing enhanced control over process integrity. The benefits of purchasing a TDL analyzer include but are not limited to - low cost of ownership, superior performance, real-time results, and exceptional reliability.