Temperature Multipoint Temperature Sensors

Multipoint Temperature Sensor

Multipoint Temperature Sensors


Temperature profiling is important whenever multiple points of measurement are required over a broad measuring range. Multipoint temperature sensors have long been used for profiling the temperature across a medium. They are capable of accurately measuring temperatures at various locations along its length, and are used in measurement of process temperatures over multiple locations with a single access point. With a single pipe penetration, it enables several points to be read for a complete temperature profile and is constructed to withstand high temperatures and pressures simultaneously. The design and dimensions of a multipoint vary depending on the service required, position of the sensors, size and shape of the vessel, corrosion, erosion, pressure and temperature environment within the vessel. MultiPoint Sensors can be RTD or Thermocouple based instruments, containing from 2 to 20 (or more) discrete measurement points spaced along the length of the sensor. They are typically mounted in a vertical position in a tank to provide a level indication or insight into temperature variation related to mixing effects or chemical reactions at various levels in a mixture.


SOR Inc. manufactures a variety of Multiple Sensor Assemblies or Multipoints as they are commonly referred to. They can be designed with using either thermocouples or RTDs and in some cases both. Secondary seals can be supplied for even greater safety assurance. These seals prevent process fluids or gasses from escaping in the event of a process upset. Dye penetrated, X-ray, and hydrostatic testing are standard available tests along with component testing for critical applications. Their unique cross calibration method and positive point identification assures point location with a tolerance of plus or minus .25 inches to provide accurate and safe performance. Website