Level Nuclear Level Measurement

Nuclear Level Measurement

Nuclear Level Measurement


The Nuclear or nucleonic level measurement devices can be used in both point and continuous level detection applications. They are usually applied in fields where all other level measurement techniques fail to work owing to their capability of working with hazardous situations. The major source utilized in nucleonic level controls includes gamma radiations, which exhibit high energy and shorter wavelength owing to which these radiations are competent enough to break through the walls of process vessel and material. Temperature, pressure, dust, color and/or chemical properties of the product have no influence on the outcome of the measurement. Consequently this results in the high reliability and low maintenance of the radiometric measurement systems, even under harsh operating and environmental conditions.


Endress + Hauser has 11 different variations of radiometric products, including, but not limited to the Gammapilot, which provides non-contact, external measurement for the highest degree of safety and reliability under the most extreme process conditions. Website