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HF Series has been designed utilizing quality media and manufacturing techniques. The result is increased performance, reduced size and lower operating pressure drop, in variety of grades to math your requirements.

NGF Series employs technological advancements in filtration materials and design to ensure premium compressed air quality and low operational costs. Every filter is tested and rated delivering certifiable performance according to ISO 8573-1 air quality standards.


Compressed Air Filter

A typical compressed air system is contaminated with abrasive solid particles such as dust, dirt, rust and scale, compressor lubricants (mineral or synthetic), condensed water droplets and acidic condensates and oil and hydrocarbon vapors.

If not removed, these contaminants increase pneumatic equipment maintenance costs, lead to instrument and control failure, contribute to poor product fit and finish, and contaminate processes.

The right filter or filter system will remove these contaminants allowing your compressed air system to deliver the quality of air required by your application-whether it’s plant air, instrument air, medical air or helping to ensure consistent output quality minimizing operating costs.


HF Series filters remove more contaminants with less pressure drop through housings that have large flow areas. Compare the operating pressure drop of competitive brands and remember that for every extra 2 psi of pressure drop, power input needs to be increased by 1%. A systems approach has been used to allow for convenient matching of filter types to achieve the air quality you desire, while comprehensive third party testing guarantees performance.

The HF Series offers seven element grades for enhanced performance, is easy to operate, install and maintain.


The NGF Series is tested to ISO 12500. Test results provide certifiable performance data based on defined challenge concentrations.

* Patented Venturi-WaveTM element design promotes a turbulent-free transition for compressed air entering the element

  • Deep bed pleated, high performance media
  • Element grade identification with color coded end caps printed with genuine Hankison filter element replacement part number
  • Scuplted housing design with flanged inlet and outlet connections for easy installation
  • Die cast aluminum, chromated housings are coated with a polyester epoxy powder coat finish for corrosion resistance
  • Internally ribbed bowl promotes condensate drainage