Automation PLC/DCS Components

PLC/DCS Components

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VARIOFACE System The VARIOFACE system cabling is a wiring concept that has been specially developed to allow connection to the I/O modules of a wide range of automation devices. Plug-in components are used instead of the conventional costly and error-prone single wiring. This means that you benefit from fast, clear, and error-free wiring.

Exceedingly versatile: range of various functions such as relay, solid-state relay or direct link
Individual structure thanks to interface modules with 1, 2 or 3-conductor connection technology
Flexible - connect with screw, spring-cage or push-in connection technology
Fast, error-free, and uniform wiring thanks to pre-assembled system cables
Simple planning using the configuration cross-reference list or online selector

PLC/DCS Components

Vector Controls & Automation Group offers a wide variety of PLC and DCS system components. We've got your electrical, wiring, backup and industrial computer needs covered. Quick, clear and error-free. Using traditional terminal blocks, connecting controllers to field devices becomes extremely time-consuming. System cabling from Phoenix Contact replaces the multiple connections between the controller and terminal blocks with a completely pluggable system that cuts installation time and eliminates wiring errors.

The system cabling advantage

  • Over 15 times faster than traditional "point-to-point" wiring
  • Elimination of wiring errors during installation and testing
  • Multiple field wire termination methods; screw, spring-cage and push-in connection technology


Phoenix Contact offers a diverse PLC portfolio for each requirement: modular controllers for small to mid-sized systems, high-performance controllers for demanding automation tasks and software PLC that can be used to turn your industrial PCs into a powerful controller.

The requirements of your application determine which components from the product range can be used.

Controller-specific system cabling involves a modern wiring concept in which front adapters, system cables, and modules are specially matched to each other.

In contrast, universal modules are controller-independent and are particularly suitable for situations in which automation components with high-position connectors are located in the control cabinet. The 1:1 connection is characteristic of these modules. The modules allow the orderly connection of field signals to screw, spring-cage or push-in technology.

To distribute the control or operating voltage, you can use potential distributors which are available in various designs. The different potential levels and the connection terminal blocks make flexible use possible.

The universal cables connect the control and signal level quickly and without errors.

Individual application requirements can be implemented by means of customer-specific products.


While most of Nematron's products are designed for the general market, we also design and build customized PCs to meet a customer's specific needs. Whether you need a customized front panel or specific environmental criteria met, Nematron can build a PC to meet the requirements. All custom configurations are subject to a non-recurring engineering charge (NRE) that varies according to the degree of design effort.


As the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, Red Lion Controls has been delivering innovative solutions to customers for over forty years. Our automation, Ethernet and cellular M2M technology enables companies worldwide to gain real-time data visibility that drives productivity. Red Lion first provided sensors, counters and panel meters to monitor and display data within a plant or process. Over the years, our product portfolio grew driven by customer demand, acquisitions and technology advancements to include HMI operator panels, protocol converters, Ethernet switches and cellular M2M routers.