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Portable Analyzers

All of the manufacturers that Vector Controls represents are top of the line and offer cutting edge technologies. Often they will offer the same benefits of a large piece of instrumentation or an analyzer as a portable, easy to carry, device. Portable gas analyzers are perfect where there may be harsh or hazardous conditions, a need for versatility in terms of applications and sampling modes and where installing a large analyzer is not feasible. Battery powered, lightweight, flexible and rugged are all small but significant advantages of portable analyzers.



SpectraSensors SS1000 Portable is a light weight, easy to handle, battery-powered H2O analyzer, used to verify measurements and for spot-checking when other methods provide questionable results.

LaserGas III Portable

The new LaserGas III portable analyzer is compact, lightweight, and battery powered for on-site HF measurement. With an on-board pump and connections for Teflon tubing, the target gas is continuously transferred into the internal measurement cell. Due to the digital low power design, the analyzer is operational for an entire shift with one battery charge.

The analyzer provides reliable operation with instantaneous response and sufficient dynamic range to measure sub ppm and several hundred ppm HF concentrations. In contrast to many other measurement techniques, short-term HF peaks are uncovered with the LaserGas™ III.


GPR-3500 MO O2 purity portable analyzer measures oxygen concentrations up to 100%. The only electrochemical portable oxygen purity analyzer on the market features an innovative proprietary galvanic oxygen sensor that is not affected by vibration and proven to reliably analyze oxygen concentrations continuously over 24 months, user friendly digital electronics, and a compact robust enclosure selected for the demands of industrial field use.