Pressure Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators


A pressure regulator is a feedback control mechanism designed to maintain a constant downstream pressure through the manipulation of the fluid flow. A pressure regulator is a valve that automatically cuts off the flow of a liquid or gas at a certain pressure. These regulators are used to allow high-pressure fluid supply lines or tanks to be reduced to safe and/or usable pressures for various applications. Pressure regulators reduce a supply or inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure and work to maintain this outlet pressure despite fluctuations in the inlet pressure. The reduction of the inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure is the key characteristic of pressure regulators.


SOR Inc. - (OK)

SOR offers a couple of different Air Filter Regulators, designed to provide clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves and other automatic control equipment in a lightweight, compact housing. These instruments are constructed of durable materials that will provide a long lasting performance in industrial environments. Website