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Sample Conditioning Systems

Sample Conditioning Systems

Sample conditioning transports a sample of potentially toxic, corrosive or combustible fluids that may be at elevated temperatures and pressures, and may contain solid or liquid contaminants or chemical reactive species, and converts that sample into a well behaved, homogenous mixture suitable for analysis by the process analyzer of choice. No simple task - and one that can be fraught with errors. To be useful, the sample delivered to the analyzer must be representative of the process fluid.


Sample Conditioning Systems

Universal Analyzers offers a simple solution for most applications utilizing our 600 or 3000 Series Sample Conditioning Plates and U-Brackets. The 600 or 3000 Series Cooler uses Peltier Elements to Thermo Electrically reduce the dew point of a gas sample which rapidly condenses and removes the water, providing a dry sample for the gas analyzers. Both come standard with:

  • Sample pump
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Inline filter with water carry over sensor
  • Pressure gauge
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Alarms
  • Calibration gas regulator
  • Solenoid valves
  • Analyzer/bypass/calibration gas flow meters

Portable Sample Systems

The Model 512, 513 & 514 Portable Sample Gas Conditioning System is designed for non-continuous use in any gas analysis system but can also be used as a backup for any CEMS system or in a Laboratory environment. We recommend any of the portable configurations for Stack Testers and anyone else interested in a complete Sample Conditioning System contained within a portable case. These models come complete in a lightweight Stainless Steel carrying case with sample pump, gas cooler, flow meter, moisture alarm, and peristaltic pump for condensate removal.


Sampling Range

Cobra Sampling is dedicated to developing, designing and manufacturing closed loop gas and liquid sampling systems that provide simple, reliable and safe sampling solutions.
  • Cobra M - simple and convenient
  • Cobra FV - efficient, fixed volume sampler
  • Cobra C - low-maintenance and emissions-free
  • Cobra CP - constant pressure cylinder sampler
  • Cobra HTHV - high-temperature, high-viscosity applications
  • Cobra DT - detector tube measuring