Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Surge Protection

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Coaxial Surge Protection Antennas are susceptible to direct lightning strikes and induced surges from nearby strikes. Transceivers in remote locations experience disruption and disturbance in wireless communication. Coaxial surge protection with low attenuation ensures reliable communication.

High performance and high surge current capacity
Signal quality - even at high transmission frequencies
Protection for all common applications and frequencies
DC Pass - Gas discharge tube for robust applications cover wide range of frequencies
DC Block - Quarter-wave technology for narrow range and low maintenance
Versatile use - Various designs and connection methods available for every application

Protect your communication
Antenna cables and antennas are vulnerable to direct lightning strikes and induced surges. Coaxial surge protection utilizes a Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) and quarter-wave (LAMBDA/4) technologies - ideal for reliable wireless communication.


High-frequency, low-energy interference can be smoothed and eliminated using interference filters. Meanwhile lightning and surge protective devices provide protection against transient and high-energy voltage peaks.



- Protection for all common applications and signals, thanks to the complete product portfolio

- Versatile fields of application - designs and connection methods for every application

- Space-saving and inexpensive installation, thanks to slim design

- Easy testing, thanks to plug-in arresters

- Protection against transient and high-frequency voltages with combinations of interference filters and surge protection