Flow Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Thermal Mass Flow Meter


Thermal mass flow meters can be mounted as In-line, Insertion or Non-invasive styles. The features of a thermal mass flow meter include no moving parts, nearly unobstructed straight through flow path, and relatively unaffected measurements by changes in temperature or pressure in the tube or pipe. Thermal meters do not measure the volume per unit time passing through the device, it measures the mass per unit time flowing through the device.


Endress + Hauser's Proline t-mass thermal flow meter comes in 5 different variations from cost-effective to high performance monitoring of liquids, utility gases, and everything in between. Website
Kurz Instruments, Inc. offers single point, multipoint, in-line, and portable thermal meters for dry and wet environments that are innovative in design and encourage the world to look at thermal mass devices as cost-effective alternatives to other flow measurement technologies. Website