Temperature Thermocouples

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Thermocouples are the most widely used and versatile devices that are used to measure the temperature. They convert the units of heat into usable engineering units that serve as input signals into process controllers and recorders. A thermocouple is made up of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end, that produce a voltage with a change in temperature. The junction of the two metals, called the sensing junction, is connected to extension wires. The voltage appears across the free ends of the thermocouple wires, where it is measured and converted into units of heat calibration.


Endress + Hauser offers 46 different variations of thermocouple products, a comprehensive and common temperature measurement technology for almost all branches of industry. Website
SOR Inc. manufactures multiple types of industrial and smart thermocouples. All thermocouple elements are constructed using a metallic sheath and high purity mineral oxide insulation. This provides a rugged and bendable design that exceeds the temperature rating of non-noble metal calibrations. Mineral oxide type thermocouple elements have a high insulation resistance and are suited for most process applications. Website
United Electric Controls offers two styles of thermocouples - head styles and sheath styles - both of which can measure temperature over wide ranges, fairly inexpensively. They are known for their consistent high reliability, cost effectiveness and durability. Website