Flow Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter


An ultrasonic flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound to calculate volume flow. Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves to determine the velocity of a fluid flowing in a pipe. They measure the difference of the transit time of ultrasonic pulses propagating in and against flow direction. This time difference is a measure for the average velocity of the fluid along the path of the ultrasonic beam. By using the absolute transit times, both the averaged fluid velocity and the speed of sound can be calculated.


Endress + Hauser has an extensive line of Proline Prosonic Ultrasonic flow meters with options such as - automatic frequency scanning, loop-power, HART, PROFIBUS PA/DP, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus compatibility, 2 to 3 line displays, and hazardous area features. Website


Fluenta's core expertise is flare gas measurement - both hot and cold flaring (venting) - using ultrasonic technology, by far the most accurate means to measure flow. The Fluenta product portfolio includes flare gas meters and a range of transducers for almost any measurement scenario.

Fluenta's technology is backed by more than 30 years' investment in research and development alongside vast expertise of implementation in highly complex environments.The brand NEW 160X flare gas meter features enhanced transducers with benefits including:

  • Extended low and high temperature range coverage (-220℃ to 250℃)
  • Better signal strength to deliver accurate measurements in bigger pipe diameters and where high levels of CO2 or hydrogen are present
  • Retrofit capabilities to existing flare gas meters for a smooth and fast upgrade to your existing installation
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