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Ultrasonic level sensors are used for continuous, non-contact and maintenance-free level measurement of highly viscous liquids, pastes, sludges, and powdery to coarse bulk materials, as well as interface and flow measurement in open channels and measuring weirs. The ultrasonic level sensors are not susceptible to error due to the target material's color, shape or composition (e.g., transparent or opaque, liquid or solid), making it particularly good for applications that must sense a non-metallic object in an environment where there is systematic, heavy wash down, liquid, dust, heavy spray, food, ink, and/or other environmental hazards. Since the ultrasonic level sensor's sound energy is used for detection, the reflecting object does not have to be metal, but can also be glass, plastic or even paper. Stagnant, non-agitated liquids and solids consisting of large and hard particles are good reflectors and, therefore, good candidates for ultrasonic level sensor measurement.


Endress + Hauser has 14 different variations of their Prosonic ultrasonic level sensor, a product that features a continuous, non-contact and maintenance-free level measurement, along with highlights including, but not limited to - hermetically welded sensors, flow measurement in open channels and measurement of weirs, cost effective all-round, and measurement in storage tanks, agitators, on stockpiles and conveyor belts. Website