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Liquid Analysis Physical Properties Analysis Viscometer




Viscosity is calculated by measuring the differential pressure across a capillary tube held at a constant temperature, a variable speed metering pump allows for multiple ranges using a fixed length capillary.

Precise temperature control is achieved by immersing the measuring capillary in a small stirred heated oil bath. Viscometer can accommodate a wide range of pressures and temperatures at the inlet and can return sample direct to the process.

The use of variable speed metering pump means the single capillary tube can be adapted for the wide range of viscosity measurements required by different products.



ICON's Viscometer's flexible operation means a range of petroleum products can be measured within the repeatability criteria of ASTM D445, including lube oils, lube oil stocks, biodiesel and fuel oils. Kinematic viscosity may also be calculated.

The determination of viscosity by reproducibility equal to or better than the capillary tube measurement is the most widely accepted industry standard.

Accuracy is crucial when determining a product's resistance to flow, with even minor measurement errors potentially costing producers hundreds of thousands of dollars if a blend adjustment is made. By engineering our optimized measurement technology on a proven testing method, ICON's Viscometer delivers an exceptionally accurate and trustworthy measurement.