Level Guided Wave Radar

Guided Wave Radar Level Measurement

Guided Wave Radar


Guided Wave Radar (GWR) is a contacting level measurement method that uses a probe to guide high frequency, electromagnetic waves as they travel down from a transmitter to the media being measured. GWR is based upon the principle of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), allowing the sensor to output the analyzed level as a continuous measurement reading through its analog output, or convert the values into freely positional switching output signals. Dust, foam, vapor, agitated surfaces, boiling surfaces, changes in pressure, temperature, dielectric constant and density do not have an effect on device performance.


Endress + Hauser has 8 different variation of Levelflex guided wave radar measurement product with highlights including, but not limited to - maintenance-free measurement, optimum price-performance ratio, measurement readings that are independent of chemical or physical properties, coated probes for use in aggressive liquids, safe measured values, and compliance with the highest hygiene requirements. Website